Yasuyuki Kachi
Department of Mathematics
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS 66045

OFFICE: Snow Hall 622

PHONE: (785) 864-7308
FAX:   (785) 864-5255 

EMAIL: kachi@ku.edu MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT : www.math.ku.edu 

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  • Ads: "New Publications Offered by the AMS", AMS Notices, November 2005.
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  • I specialize in
  • In our recent joint publication ([1] in the above list), he and I have proved new Wallis-type
  • Here, the original Wallis infinite product formula (classical) states
  • He and I are currently developing a new theory on analytic continuations.
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  • We (the three of us) served as co-editors of the proceedings "Recent Progress in Arithmetic and Algebraic Geometry"